KTC Group

Khandelwal Seascape Marine Services is the latest division of Group of KTC. Khandealwal Seascape ships in fleets and caters to the coastal cargo requirements for transporting container and bulk cargo from allmost all Ports of India to other parts of the world

Khandelwal Seascape Marine Services is constantly growing its product range offering high quality marine and agricultural products that evolve with current consumer and commercial needs. Our durability, economy, performance and after-sales network make us a first choice for owners, operators, shipyards, and boating industry professionals.

Khandelwal Transport Corporation is the largest division of Group KTC. It is the area's foremost and most popular cargo and frieght company. It provides a large range of cargo, shipping, frieght and transport services in various sector of businesses. It has a strong backing in terms of its extensive and strategically located branch network and trained work force.

It also offers to assist with shipment tracking, customs clearance, consolidation and warehousing. Additionally, KTC fully understands the importance of safe and secure transportation of goods and are willing to provide this service as well.

Khandelwal Transways & Logisticsis an express distribution specialist offers a single window door to door time definite solution for customers' express requirements. We assure customers to send their parcels in a very short delivery time. It delivers consignments of almost all sizes to a large set of locations within or outside India.

Khandelwal Transways & Logistics has been continuously innovating to strategically diversified customers requirements. Apart from having specialist divisions catering to each segment of logistics , KTC Group has also created associate and joint venture companies to enhance the service offerings with a strict delivery time limits.

Khandelwal Trading Company is a special subdivison of KTC Group. Kishangarh is a well known location in INDIA for its quality marble availability. Consumers from all over the world are attracted here for their quality marble and granite requirements. Khandelwal Trading Company is specifically trades in Marble Blocks, Marble Tiles, Granite Block, Granite Tiles and Marble Handicrafts, Marble Grits and Powder etc.

Khandelwal Trading Company is engaged in all of the Marble and Granite products trading also and its expertise makes it the most popular choice in the area.

Balaji Shipping India offers the shipping public instant world-wide communication through its proprietary tracking and tracing system that provides 24 hour access to real time status information. Balaji Shipping Lines provides a broad range of high quality ocean services at competitive rates, with reliable transit times. Our dependable handling agents can also provide customs services, accurate and timely documentation and professional representation throughout the supply chain.

Balaji Shipping India negotiates and maintains shipping contracts to provide reliable and competitive ocean services in most trade lanes throughout the world.